Foot & Leg Injuries in Kids Series Part 1 – Introduction

How significant are foot and leg injuries in kids?

As a podiatrist for the past 20 years and mum of three kids, it’s safe to say I’ve seen my fair share of kids with foot and leg injuries. We are conditioned to think of childhood as a time of unlimited pain-free sport and activity, but for so many kids this isn’t the case. It’s usually family members of kids with foot and leg injuries who feel the impact, as well as doctors, physios, and podiatrists who hear their stories. 

Injury prevention and management has transformed over the past decade and we know so much more now about how to manage and prevent injury with the right things in place. But quite often this information doesn’t filter down to families. There’s no question that parents need this information to be more accessible to empower them to help their kids prevent and manage foot and leg injuries. And with all the current barriers to accessing health professionals due to Covid-19, this information is needed now more than ever.

If active kids in your life could benefit from knowing more about foot health and how to prevent and manage foot and leg injuries, please share this information. Together we can get this information to where it’s needed most and make a difference. 

We will be covering more about this topic in upcoming blogs, so stay tuned for part 2 of Foot & Leg Injuries in Kids – Types of Injuries.

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