Frequently Asked Questions

Spriing arch supports are designed for eco-conscious, personality driven people looking to support their feet in comfort in their favourite shoes. Spriings are available in 8 different sizes, and best for adults (and youth with adult-sized feet) with low-to-medium-arched feet. 

Spriing arch supports are available in sizes 

  • Women’s AU/US 6 – 13
  • Men’s size AU/US 5 – 12. 

Whilst there is no specific youth sizing available at this stage, Spriing arch supports may suit youth who are currently wearing adults shoe sizes, for example a child aged 10 or older with medium to large feet.

Spriings are perfect for people who:

  • feel like their feet need some support
  • have tired uncomfortable feet
  • spend a lot of time on their feet
  • would like to be more active
  • find other arch supports too bulky or uncomfortable
  • have difficulty finding comfortable shoes
  • are fed up with trying to find shoes to fit orthotics
  • need support for dress shoes when their custom foot orthotics won’t fit
  • want a colourful stylish arch support
  • care about the environment
  • And more…

Spriing arch supports are a ready-made foot orthotic/shoe insert designed by a podiatrist and physiotherapist to support the arches of the feet to alleviate tiredness and improve comfort in people with low to medium arched feet. They have a natural anatomical shape backed by decades of podiatric orthotic design and excellent arch support for low to medium arched feet, whilst being comfortable and flexible, to reduce interference with the foot’s natural spring mechanism. Spriings are perfect for any age, gender or activity level. They are affordable and delivered to your door within standard postage times, sustainably designed, and work with the shoes you love to wear, including dress shoes. 

Custom foot orthotics are shoe-inserts prescribed by a podiatrist, orthotist or other registered health professional as part of an overall management plan for foot injuries, biomechanical dysfunction, joint anomalies, and foot posture correction. They aim to control or alter how the foot works, and are customised to match the exact shape of feet. Podiatrists may prescribe custom foot orthotics for conditions such as heel pain as a short-term management strategy to facilitate healing whilst strengthening the injured structures so that the person can eventually wean off the orthotics. 

Custom foot orthotics can be expensive and take multiple appointments over a number of weeks to organise. Prices in Australia can vary up to $1000 (including the orthotics and appointments). Depending on the prescription and nature of the foot condition, certain custom orthotics can feel hard or cause discomfort. Recent studies suggest that hard orthotics can block the foot’s natural spring mechanism and may have long term negative implications on foot mechanics. Whilst certain people may require this type of orthotic device to tackle their condition effectively, other people may benefit from a milder custom orthotic device or even a good quality ready-made arch support. Most custom orthotics do not work in dress shoes, as they are often too bulky or the shape is not congruent with the shoe. People with custom orthotics frequently buy special orthopaedic or orthotic-friendly shoes such as lace ups and sneakers, and cannot wear the shoes they like. 

Spriing arch supports are a unique ready-made foot orthotic developed by an Australian podiatrist and physiotherapist  to remedy many of the common issues people have with other arch supports/foot orthotics.  Spriings are very different to other cheaper foam arch supports. Here’s why…

Spriings have a natural anatomical shape and provide excellent arch support for low to medium arched feet, whilst being comfortable and flexible. Spriings are perfect for any age, gender or activity level. They are affordable and delivered to your door within standard postage times, sustainably designed, and work with the shoes you love to wear, including dress shoes. 

Most other ready-made arch supports are generic, made in bulk from moulded foam or rubber and have a basic design which looks roughly the same across different brands and models. This is because many originate in the same factory and are labelled with different brands. These are cheap because of their basic design, materials  and mass production, and fall far short of the offerings of Spriing. 

Spriings have a variable thickness wafer-like shell made from recyclable polypropylene. The benefits of a shell include flexibility, durability, easy shoe-fit, and sustainability. Spriing shells share some similarities with prescription podiatry orthotics in that the shells are made from similar material, but Spriings are not customised to each person. Spriing’s supportive, anatomically congruent and gentle design is like no other on the market. 

Spriings have interchangeable / replaceable colourful patterned top covers. This unique feature enables you to clean and replace top covers as needed without having to throw out the shells because the cover is worn out. And the different colourful options in top covers means you can add personality to your shoes and style Spriings your own way!

Spriing’s velcro dot system allows you to anchor them into place inside your shoes so they don’t move. And the flat heel section of the shells makes them discreet in open-backed shoes. Finally you can wear arch supports in sandals!

Spriings come to you in our signature Spriing rPET zipper bag containing the instruction insert to hold all your bits and pieces, including velcro dots and spare covers. rPET is made from recycled plastic bottles. The Spriing mailer bag is another green feature (it is green actually, no pun intended), made from plant-based material that is fully compostable. 

Spriing arch supports have a medium arch profile and offer good support for people with medium- to low-arched feet. In the interests of safety, Spriing has not yet released a high-arched insole for people with high arches already due to the inherent risks this poses to people with low to medium arched feet (if they were to buy this model accidentally). If you have medium to low arched feet, we think you’ll love Spriing arch supports. 

There would be 2 cases you may be looking for a high arched insole.

1. You have high arches that need support

High-arched feet are different to low-to-medium-arched feet and often have special needs beyond what Spriings are designed to do. High-arched feet may benefit from a podiatrist-prescribed custom foot orthotic with closely matched arch profile (which is super high in some cases), stability, and extra lift/stabilisation of the lateral (outer) arch of the foot. These features are not usually found in ready-made arch supports because they pose a risk to feet with low-to-medium arches. It is always best to see a podiatrist if you have a high-arched foot with special needs. 

2. You have extremely rolled-in/pronated flat feet needing more aggressive control.

Extremely rolled-in feet also have special needs, as they have a tendency to roll over most arch supports. This would be another case where a podiatrist-based custom orthotic can help, because special features can be included in the custom orthotic prescription to counteract the high rolling forces. 

It’s basically feet at either end of the spectrum that need specialised help from custom foot orthotics. 

Spriing arch supports are extremely versatile and able to be worn in everyday shoes (even dressy ones) as well as for sport. 

The short covers that come in the kit are best for everyday shoes and can also be worn in sneakers in conjunction with the factory shoe liner. Spriings are streamlined to fit into dress shoes, medium heels, flats, sandals, mules etc. The velcro spot system underneath the Spriing shells helps to secure Spriings in place even in backless shoes. 

Spriing long covers (available for separate purchase) are good for roomier shoes that need filling up a little more such as work boots and shoes with removable factory shoe liners (some sneakers or casual shoes have these). Spriings work equally well in all situations.

Detailed instructions on how to use Spriings can be found on the packaging insert or on the website

In many cases, yes! Spriings are designed for adding support to hard-to-fit shoes, and are an excellent supplement for custom-orthotic wearers who would like to add support to their dress shoes or any kind of shoes that don’t fit their custom orthotics. It really depends on the reason for your custom orthotics. 

If you wear custom orthotics for mild to moderate foot dysfunction or foot postural issues (such as rolling-in and arch flattening), and need support for dress shoes which don’t fit your custom orthotics, Spriings may be just what you are looking for. We don’t suggest you replace your custom orthotics altogether; you should wear your custom orthotics in shoes they fit into such as sneakers and lace ups, and use Spriings in smaller shoes that don’t fit your custom orthotics.

If you suffer from a significant foot condition/disorder, or you have extreme dysfunction or foot postural issues, we recommend that you stick with your custom orthotic in orthopaedic/orthotic-friendly footwear and not try to wear dress shoes with Spriing arch supports. 

If you are unsure whether Spriings are suitable for your needs, please check with your podiatrist.

Spriing arch supports are recommended to be worn in isolation inside your shoes, or with a flat factory shoe liner. DO NOT wear Spriings in conjunction with shaped footbeds, other arch supports, insoles, or foot orthotics. They should NOT be worn at the same time.

Spriing arch supports are not made to correct individual biomechanical dysfunction of the feet or foot postural anomalies, but rather support the arches of the feet to improve comfort in your shoes. They do this most effectively in a shoe with a flat footbed (flat inside).

Simply peel off 4 fluffy velcro dots and connect the fluffy fabric side of the dots to the rough velcro dots on the bottom of Spriing shells, leaving the adhesive (sticky) side of the dots exposed.

Place Spriing arch supports inside the shoes lined up at the back (heel) of the shoe. LEFT and RIGHT are marked on the bottom of the shells to indicate in which shoe Spriing arch supports should be placed.

Press down firmly on the shells directly over the dots to transfer (stick) the fluffy dots onto the shoes. 

That’s it. There is no need to cut anything. Just wear and enjoy 😊

In some cases, the shape of the shoe (or the material on the footbed) may make it more difficult to transfer the dots to the shoes. If you have difficulty getting the dots to stick to the shoe, try the following:

Make sure the sticky backing is facing the shoe footbed. The fluffy fabric side of the dot connects to the rough dot on the underside of the Spriing arch supports. The adhesive (sticky) backing sticks to the shoe. The fabric side won’t stick to the shoe.

Press the Spriing arch supports down firmly into shoes, pressing directly over the dots. If you press too lightly, the dots might not transfer. You can try standing on the Spriings inside your shoes which will help transfer them. 

If they still won’t transfer, you can stick them on by hand. You must be careful to line up the fluffy dots exactly with the rough velcro dots on the underside of the shells. 

If they have stuck to the wrong part of the shoe by mistake, you can simply peel them off and try again.

Spriing arch support kits (including shells and short covers) come in full sizes (not half sizes). We recommend going with your SMALLER shoe size if you are a half size or fluctuate between sizes. If you are a half size, for example 8.5, always go DOWN in Spriing arch supports, in this case, a size 8. If you fluctuate between shoe sizes 8 and 9, go DOWN in Spriing arch supports to size 8. Because Spriing shell sizes are directly related to arch length, another useful tip is checking if you have long or short toes. If you have long toes, your arch will be shorter (size 8). If you have shorter toes, your arch will be longer (size 9). If you aren’t sure, or your toes are just mid-length, just stick with the smaller size (size 8). 

In most cases the answer is yes. 

Yes: open shoes with a small to medium heel height, sufficient straps across the top of the foot or instep (to hold the shoe onto the foot properly) and a shoe that’s fitted correctly should give the best chance of Spriing arch supports working. 

No: Certain shoes such as stilettos, very high heels, shoes with minimal straps (not enough to hold the shoe onto the foot properly) and thongs (flip flop) are not as likely to be successful with Spriing arch supports. 

The Spriing kit comes with Velcro dots to transfer into your shoes to stick to the Velcro dots on the underneath of the Spriing shells. The Velcro dots on the shoes grips the dots on the Spriing arch supports. 

Yes. Spriing arch supports can be worn without socks. In winter shoes, we recommend wearing socks or hosiery which help prevent the feet from getting sweaty, which increases potential for foot odour and smelly Spriings. Spriings are able to be cleaned gently from time to time which helps keep them hygienic. However we don’t recommend cleaning them more than once per fortnight, because it can degrade the materials faster with excessive cleaning. 

NO. Spriing arch supports should NOT be cut. They come in 8 sizes (Womens 6 – 13/Mens 5 – 12), and they are designed to fit in most types of shoes. The correct size should be selected in the first place. If you are a smaller size (e.g. Women’s 5, please let us know you are interested and we will let you know once the size becomes available). 

Spriing shells are made from recyclable PP (plastic) and cannot be cut. The short covers are made to fit the shells exactly. So there is no need to cut them down. The long covers come in precise half sizes to fit your shoes as well as the shells. Again, the correct size should be selected in the first place so there is no need to cut them down.

Yes, you can wash them gently by hand occasionally. Spriing covers are NOT machine-washable. To clean Spriing covers, simply wipe them with a warm soapy cloth, gently rinse with cool water. Air dry before putting them back into the shoes. Avoid washing them too often, which may cause them to degrade more quickly. Once every 2-4 weeks should suffice. Prevention always works best. You can help keep Spriings in good condition by ensuring you only ever place them in clean shoes free from soiling and wear them with clean dry feet. 

If Spriing covers are damp, we recommend removing them from the shells and lay flat to air dry for a few hours. Do not hang them up with pegs or fold the covers. If the covers are damaged by perspiration or moisture, we recommend replacing covers urgently and discontinue using the damaged covers.

Spriing arch support covers are produced according to high quality standards and we don’t expect the colour to transfer into your shoes.

Replace Spriing arch supports when they are showing signs of wear. The shells should last longer than the covers. Replacement of the covers is suggested every 6 months or with first signs of wear. Replacement of the shells is as needed, but check for signs of wear after 12 months.

The use of Spriing arch supports should not have an impact on foot odour. It is important to maintain good foot hygiene practices and clean / air shoes regularly. Avoid placing Spriing arch supports in shoes that are already soiled or smelly, as this will affect your Spriing arch supports. If your shoes can be cleaned, do this prior to placing your Spriing arch supports in your shoes. If not, it might be time to replace your shoes. Avoid heavy use of chemicals and sprays to mask odour, as this can affect your Spriing arch supports, and in some cases cause skin irritation. Never use disinfectants, sanitiser or bleach on Spriing arch supports as it can damage the materials.

Spriings are available for purchase through our online store:

Spriing is an online store based in Australia. We do not have any physical store locations at this time. 

Spriing products are designed, quality inspected and assembled in Adelaide, South Australia. Each component has been custom designed and is a specialised original item. After exhausting all options in Australia, Spriing had to source our components abroad. This is because Australian manufacturers either do not supply the component materials we need, are unable to make the components according to our specifications, or supply it at a cost that would make it unviable to sell at the current price putting the products out of reach for many people. We would love to source all our components locally and will be continuing to explore options here as we are passionate about supporting other Aussie businesses 🦘🇦🇺