About Spriing

Our goal is to change lives from the ground up with stronger, fitter, healthier feet. Feet play a vital role in the body, supporting all that we do in our daily lives, from basic tasks and chores to keeping active and earning a living. But when it comes to foot health, we’re in the dark, lacking the necessary dialogue and comprehension to equip us in nurturing our feet. 

As a podiatrist and physiotherapist, we’re about more than a product. We’re here to support you with reliable information, innovative tools and resources to achieve optimal foot function, better health, quality of life and longevity. 

Our why

Foot problems are on the rise in Australia, with almost 8 in every 10 people experiencing foot pain or discomfort. Over half of these reported a significant impact to daily life caused by their foot problem affecting their work, exercise, and social life. (2022 Australian Foot Health Survey by Australian Podiatry Council)

What happened here?

No question about it – knowledge fuels smarter decisions. However, for our feet, there’s a glaring gap. Guidance on foot care is scarce, and as humans, we are easily influenced by fashion and marketing by big shoe companies. Consequently, we’ve become complacent and accepting of foot pain as a normalised part of life. 

In other parts of the body like our eyes and teeth we’ve cultivated heightened awareness and significant investment towards prevention and treatment. But here’s the wake-up call: Just like our teeth and eyes, our feet are also in for the long haul.

What would life be like without feet?

Feet, the bedrock of our bodies, are our personal biological vehicles. They carry us through life, making everyday activities achievable. Without our feet, everyday routines would turn into impossible tasks. Our livelihood may even hinge on our feet’s ability to perform.

Health and wellbeing is synonymous with activity, which is enabled by our feet. But, our feet aren’t invincible. They need proactive care and a knowledge-filled approach to bring out their best, protect them from injury and ensure longevity.

The Solution

The key is acknowledging the pivotal role foot health plays in overall well-being, independence and life quality and investing in our feet the way we do other areas of the body.

That’s where we step in to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need for optimal foot function and overall health. 

Enter Spriing – our groundbreaking orthotic insoles.

There’s no doubt some of us need a little lift to get our feet working properly, but the typical tools out there can create other issues:

  • Traditional store-bought arch supports fill our arch with foam that inhibits the foot’s spring action and reduces sensitivity to stimulus. 
  • Rigid orthotics block movement like a brace, leading to weak inactive muscles, stiff joints and functional impairment. 

That’s why we crafted Spriing orthotic insoles with unique properties designed to complement how feet are meant to function and move. Having a Spriing in your step isn’t trivial – it’s how feet are meant to function. Spriing orthotic insoles are an orthotic innovation – the first orthotic designed to help restore spring in your step. 

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