Product Returns & Specifications

Our Products are designed to be compatible with many shoe types, but some shoes (such as thongs and stilettos) may not be compatible with Our Products. Our Products are not able to cater for every shoe type, size or body weight and You irrevocably acknowledge and understand that returns based on these factors will not be accepted by Us. It is Your responsibility to utilise the sizing information on the Website to purchase Your correct size. If Your size is not available, do not purchase a different size. It is Your responsibility to let us know if your size is not available at, and We may attempt to find You the correct size if and when that correct size becomes available or is added to Our Products. It is also Your responsibility to check the weight limit information on the Website before buying Our Products. If You need a different option, please let Us know and We may consider adding this to Our Products. 

Product Replacement

You may receive a free replacement of Spriing Shells or Covers only in circumstances where this falls within a manufacturing warranty due to faulty material or workmanship. Such warranty for faulty material or workmanship does not cover fair wear and tear including, but not limited to, scuffing, squashing, soiling or odour, incorrect use such as wearing or cleaning incorrectly, or damage resulting from neglect or failure to follow the care instructions (such as heat damage). Such warranty also does not cover flattening of Spriing Shells caused by exceeding the recommended weight limit. The Spriing manufacturing warranty does not cover Spriings for posture correction or the treatment of foot disorders.

It is Your responsibility to ensure You have selected the correct size long-cover when purchasing Our Product(s), which should fit Your selected Product(s) and shoes, without needing to be cut and/or trimmed. Whilst You may choose to cut and/or trim Your own long-covers, We do not recommend this as it could ruin the long-covers if they are cut and/or trimmed incorrectly. We will not replace your long-covers in such circumstances and take no liability for incorrectly cut and/or trimmed long-covers by You. Your Product long-covers are not covered under any warranty for replacement due to inaccurate cutting and/or trimming by You; cutting and/or trimming Your long-covers is at Your sole and personal risk and responsibility. 

In the event of a material fault, You will be required to contact Us at with a description and proof of fault (e.g. photograph). Once the fault has been confirmed, We will organise reply paid postage for You to return the Product(s), and We will provide You a replacement Product(s) free of charge. 


We offer to You a 30-day money back guarantee on Your purchase of Our Products in circumstances where You are unsatisfied with Your Product(s) (‘Guarantee’). However, We may decide in Our sole discretion to refuse Your exercise of Our Guarantee where Your reason for unsatisfaction is unsubstantiated, vexatious and/or apparent to be an abuse of Our guarantee (which includes, but is not limited to, a continued and perpetual exercise of Our Guarantee across a number of Products). You acknowledge and accept that by exercising the Guarantee You are required to return the Product(s) to Us in good condition and We will refund You with the purchase price, which expressly excludes original purchase postage costs and return postage costs. 

You acknowledge and accept that the following circumstances are expressly not covered by Our Guarantee:

  • fair wear and tear (such as scuffing, squashing, soiling, fading, odour, piling and/or holes worn into the top covers);
  • individual biomechanical and anatomical factors (such as very flat feet or very high arch feet);
  • You not getting enough use out of the Product(s);
  • Your change of mind having regard to Your purchase;
  • Our Product(s) not providing you with pain relief;
  • Our Product(s) not curing your injury;
  • Our Product(s) not fitting every shoe;
  • the inconvenience of changing Our Product(s) between Your shoes;
  • incorrect use or care, such as wearing or cleaning the Product(s) incorrectly, using harsh chemicals or hair dryers; and
  • neglecting the Product(s) such as by leaving them in a hot car or allowing your pet to chew the Product. 

We also provide You with a separate warranty to protect against defects in materials or workmanship in Your Products. Please contact Us at to discuss Our replacement and refund options.