Foot & Leg Injuries in Kids Series Part 5 – Take Away Message

What message can we take away from this?

Very rarely is one singular thing the cause of injury. Because kids are complex human beings, there can be multiple contributing factors leading to foot and leg injuries. But not every person needs costly customized treatment for their injuries. Like anything, the best place to start is often the simplest, with actions we can take ourselves to support and improve injury prevention and management. With access to good information comes the ability to make informed choices for our families.  

If the injury or problem persists, it’s best to consult a registered health professional such as a physiotherapist or podiatrist for assessment. They are able to offer additional management options such as hands-on treatment, dry needling, a prescribed strengthening program, and prescription orthotics.

If active kids in your life could benefit from knowing more about foot health and how to prevent and manage foot and leg injuries, please share this information. Together we can get this information to where it’s needed most and make a difference. 

That’s a wrap on the Foot & Leg Injuries in Kids series. Coming up is another exciting series that could relate to you! Stay informed about all things foot health and how it supports a healthy life by visiting our blogs. See you soon!

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