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You Asked, We’ve Answered

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Spriing Orthotic Insole Kit

Spriings are IDEAL for people who:

  • Have low-to-medium arched feet, feel sluggish, struggle to get through their day, wish shoes were more supportive, get aches and pains being on their feet, or just want to feel better. 
  • If exercise and sport isn’t producing the results for effort, adding Spriings to your sneakers can improve your performance, function, posture, and efficiency. 
  • If you wear orthotics but can’t fit them into normal stylish shoes you like, Spriing are a fantastic supplement for all those shoes your orthotic won’t fit into. 
  • If you’ve had orthotics before but found them too hard, too high, or unaffordable, Spriings are the perfect alternative. 
  • The natural shape, targeted support and flexible shell is gentle enough to suit most feet. 

Spriings are not suitable for:

  • High arched feet – If this is you, support may not be necessary unless you are experiencing problems or discomfort. A podiatrist can craft a solution to your individual needs.
  • Injuries or complex problems with the feet – Spriing arch support may be a helpful addition to your management plan, but it’s best to consult a health professional (physio / podiatrist) who can assess and tailor management to your specific condition.

You can have confidence knowing Spriings come with a 30-day money back guarantee to protect you in the unusual event you find Spriings uncomfortable or are just not getting on with them. For more information check out our returns policy. Putting a Spriing in your step is easy, not stressful.

Yes you can! Spriings are perfect for sneakers, cycling shoes, footy boots, basketball boots, netball shoes, tennis shoes, cricket shoes, cross fit shoes, cross trainers and trail shoes. They add support and improve your performance in all activities you wear them for. Spriings are also at home in ballroom and tap dancing shoes. Spriing arch supports are so versatile they switch seamlessly from sneakers to work shoes, heels and dress shoes to ugg boots. All you need is the shoes to put them in and some imagination.

The short covers that come in the kit are best for everyday shoes and can also be worn in sneakers with or without the shoe’s own liner depending on your own personal preference. Spriing long covers are good for roomier shoes that need filling up a little more such as work boots and shoes with removable liners. Spriings work equally well in all situations.

Spriings can be a very useful tool in managing heel and arch pain (plantar fasciitis). They provide support to the arch which helps redistribute load away from the injured area of the fascia, allowing recovery. Being flexible, there’s not the same hardness people feel with rigid custom orthotics, which can aggravate sore injured tissue and block natural movement. Spriings also have a natural anatomical shape which comforts tender heels and arches that struggle with artificial wedging, tilting and ultra high arch heights.

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