Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Angela. I’m a podiatrist, professionally trained ballerina, innovator, and founder of Spriing arch supports. 

If life has taught me anything, it’s how fundamental feet are to our way of life, and how much we take them for granted. The journey from ballerina to podiatrist was transformative: from punishing the feet in pointe shoes to advocating for their care and protection as a podiatrist. Both roles respect the feet as the all-important foundation of the body. Both taught me in different ways how precious feet are and how much trouble we’d be in without them. Feet aren’t just important to ballerinas and podiatrists though, they’re important to everyone. Feet enable everything we do, from work and exercise to running errands, home life, and travel. 

As a podiatrist, people came to me for help with foot problems. But in the outside world, I noticed people didn’t know, think or talk much about their feet. Most ignored their feet and needlessly put up with foot problems preventable with the right tools and information, which bothered me. 

Growing up in Australia, there’s a strong emphasis on preventative health care for teeth and eyes, but unfortunately not for the feet. It never made sense to me that feet missed out, because we only have one pair of feet and they have to last a lifetime. In recent times, promoting activity for health has gained momentum, as it should. But with more people being active, foot problems are on the rise because people aren’t preparing their feet for activity. It’s obvious to me, but perhaps not to others that our lives have evolved but the way we treat our feet hasn’t. The tragedy in all this is that if we continue punishing our feet without changing how we treat them, foot problems aren’t just possible, they’re inevitable. 

Preventing foot problems matters to me because they can have life-altering consequences such as:

  • inability to work 
  • reduced earning capacity 
  • anxiety and depression
  • social isolation
  • goal suppression
  • loss of purpose
  • physical weakness
  • lack of fitness and 
  • health problems such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Osteoporosis. 

Small but mighty, our feet are engineering masterpieces that support our bodyweight, transport us around, and provide balance, shock absorption, and protective sensory feedback. They’re pretty remarkable. But now more than ever they really need our help.

During my 20-year podiatry career I developed a passion and skill for helping people turn their lives around through orthotics and arch supports. With therapeutic powers to treat pain and injury, orthotics and arch supports also help prevent foot problems, enhance performance and improve daily life for people who could afford them. But shoe fit was always difficult. My breakthrough came with an original orthotic design that made it easier to fit people’s shoes, whilst delivering maximum comfort and support, all rolled into a readymade affordable product. This was the origin of Spriing which would empower more people to change their life through supported feet. 

Spriing utilises orthotic technology, premium materials, podiatry expertise and innovation. The dynamic shells and interchangeable stylish covers are unique. Spriing delivers genuine arch support, fits your existing shoes, enhances comfort and energy, and are good for you and the planet without breaking the bank. As well as making it easy for people to support their feet, Spriing is committed to informing, inspiring and improving foot health.

There’s such a long way to go before foot health awareness catches up, and we hope you can join us in championing this important cause, being part of our community, experiencing the magic of Spriing and having some fun along the way.

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