Effective Arch Support

Spriing’s innovative design redefines arch support. It gets right to the heart of what people need for an arch support to be effective in a modern era. Spriing ticks all the boxes: comfort, quality, support, versatility, and durability. It fuses orthotic design, biomechanics and technology with a focus on lifestyle and footwear to deliver an unparalleled experience. Cheap bulky foam inserts and flimsy gel liners are not effective at supporting the feet. Spriing exists because we all deserve better.

Behind the pretty covers and frosted shells is a complex design with well placed arch contours, a streamlined footprint and variable thickness which adds targeted support and flexibility where it’s needed most. Spriing supports the arch without blocking the foot spring mechanism, and redistributes pressure and load across the foot, like a gentle hug for your arches. Spriings are super comfy, easy to wear, dynamic arch supports that breathe new life into your feet and body. 

Designed to suit most feet, Spriings are excellent for those starting out supporting their feet, as well as people who’ve worn orthotics their whole lives. They are great as a standalone or alongside orthotics for a more diverse shoe wardrobe. Spriings are not intended to replace custom orthotics for those with specialised needs or foot types at either end of the spectrum (very flat or rolled in, and very high arches).

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